How to Introduce Yourself in an Job Interview?

Job interviews may seem to be a huge hurdle to pass if you have little or incomplete knowledge about how to face them. One needs to gain appropriate information about the job interview strategies and dedicate sufficient amount of time to practice these strategies so as to achieve success in the job interviews.


There may be different queries in your mind regarding the job interviews. However, it is discovered that most of the candidates while preparing for their job interviews seek answer for the question - how to introduce yourself in an interview? The way you introduce yourself plays a major role in any job interview. It is considered to be one of the potential criteria used by the interviewers for assessing the candidates in the job interviews.


Besides, your introduction to the prospective employer can be utilized as a potent tool for making an acceptable impression in the mind of the potential employer. On the other hand, your introduction may lead you towards your failure of acquiring the job opportunity if you do not follow the ideal etiquette of introducing yourself before the interviewer in your job interview. 


Therefore, it is unavoidable to give a fruitful and job winning introduction of your profile to the prospective employer. There are basic rules that you need to adopt for making your introduction more effective and hard-hitting that will assure you of a winning career. They are as follows:


  • Always remember to ask for permission before entering the recruiter's cabin. This shows your professional attitude and creates a favorable impression on the recruiter. It plays a critical role in the job interview before you actually introduce yourself to the recruiter.

  • Do not hesitate to step forward and shake hands with the recruiter. This is a formal way of greeting the recruiter and is usually followed in the job interviews. Remember to give a firm handshake and not a 'hesitant or uncertain' handshake, as such handshakes demonstrate lack of self-confidence.

  • Before you introduce, greet the recruiter with a smile on your face. This makes the recruiter interested and curious to know more about your profile.

  • Start your introduction with your complete name and give a brief presentation of your profile. You need not recite the entire resume before the recruiter, but only give some brief highlights of your unique credentials. Basically, you need to tell things about yourself that are not mentioned in your resume.


By now, you must have become perfect in introducing yourself before your future employer. All the best for your interview!

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